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The Final ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer Has SO Many ‘Splosions! Watch!

written by Damian Gordon April 19, 2018
Domino, Deadpool and Cable in Deadpool 2 poster

Deadpool 2 has kept its load of goodies under wraps since being announced, only letting out tiny bits in past trailers. With the release around the corner, the Merc with a Mouth has decided to release the whole load on fans in an explosive final trailer. Those posters of bullets raining on Deadpool weren’t just for laughs. They’re a promise of what this movie is going to bring. The film is directed by David Leitch, stunt-coordinator-turned-director best known for directorial debut on John Wick. This man knows action and it shows in spades in this trailer.

No one is safe in Deadpool 2 as Wade takes shots at DC, Marvel, and anything that his tongue can pronounce. Of course, it’s not a Deadpool trailer unless things get super meta and oh boy do they go places.

The trailer sets everything in a way that looks like Deadpool 2 might avoid that “sophomore slump” using the new cast. Domino, Cable, and Peter look like they might be the show-stealers in the upcoming film. Check out the trailer below!


Will Lightning Strike Deadpool Twice in ‘Deadpool 2’?

Deadpool came out in 2016 after years of being stuck in development hell. Expectations were low for its opening weekend box office. Then, it went on to become a surprise hit and is the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever at over $783 million worldwide.

Past R-rated superhero efforts like Watchmen discouraged studios from going down this route. These films either lose money or don’t make enough a profit to be worth it to executives. Deadpool gave Fox more confidence the following year with their Oscar-nominated R-rated film Logan.

Deadpool in a casket in Deadpool 2Deadpool 2 is coming out May 18, 2018, and hopefully, all the random henchman brought their brown pants this time around.

Are you more excited for Avengers: Infinity War or Deadpool 2? Do you think it’ll be better than the first? Leave your comments!


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