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Final Fantasy 15 is getting a Day One patch

written by Alex Lopez November 22, 2016

Final Fantasy 15 is due out on November 29th. With that release, Square Enix is set to release a Day One patch which will fix a few minor bugs but will also add some new features to the game as well.


The update, called The Crown will add new cutscenes from the Kingsglaive movie. This will help players better understand the story. The update will add new cooking recipes along with a feature which will keep track of all found recipes. There is also the addition of a “Beast Whistle”. This tool will summon monsters to aid in battle. Players will also be able to share in-game pictures to Facebook and Twitter.

From a Square Enix spokesperson:

The Crown Update is the result of some additional time for development since mastering the full game and provides a variety of updates, minor bug fixes and new features to greatly enhance the overall story and gameplay experience.

In addition to the mentioned updates, The Crown update will also add two more features to the game. First, improvements to the camera will better assist the player in tight spaces and provide a better view in battle. Last, the Wait Mode function will add an ability tree. This ability allows players to slow down time. The new feature will greatly improve this ability and give players an added advantage.


Most of the time Day One patches can be a bad sign. I think this is a case where the Day One patch is a very good thing. I have been looking forward to this game since it was Final Fantasy Verses 13. With this update, some phenomenal content will come to a game many are already excited for. I can only wait to see how all of these exciting new features work in the game. Thankfully, the wait is almost over.


Sound off geeks! What are your thoughts on the Day One patch? What about FFXV in general?

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