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Final Fantasy VII Out on Android

written by Jason Marcano July 7, 2016

While Pokemon Go had everyone’s attention yesterday, another popular series saw a quiet release on Android, Final Fantasy VII.

Arguably the most influential of Square Enix’s flagship series, Final Fantasy VII was released on iOS last year. It came out this Wednesday for Android at a price of $15.99. While some graphical corners have been cut to fit the massive RPG’s world and cut-scenes into the palm of your hand, it is still the full game you have come to love.

pc-final-fantasy-vii cloud-sephiroth

Square Enix has posted a recommended hardware list hereAccording to the game’s page, Final Fantasy VII is based on the PC version. It is over 4GB in size and will require over 2GB of free space to play. Also pointed out on the Google Play page are a couple of known bugs. One has to do with it not auto saving after escaping a battle on the world map.

The other bug sounds much more annoying. It involves the games alternative modes of transportation: the buggy, the airship, submarine, etc. This bug causes the vehicle to be unable to move whenever the player embarks or disembarks while extremely close to the terrain, as well as during time-sensitive activities for events. The only known fix for this, until a patch, is to reload a save from before the bug occurred. They recommend saving frequently and having multiple save files.


The early customer reviews are saying there is some discoloration during the cinematic scenes. Despite these hiccups, it is impressive that Square Enix was able to cram such a large, cinematic game onto such a small device. If you geeks can tear yourselves away from “catching them all,” and you haven’t had the chance to play Final Fantasy VII in a long time, this port is good enough.

Will you be picking up Final Fantasy VII for Android? Do you already own too many versions of this game and are just going to hold out for the remake? There’s always Monopoly.

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