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Final Fantasy VII coming to PS4!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. December 6, 2014
Image from Final Fantasy VII

Image from Final Fantasy VII

Sony, you heard our prayers! Finally you’ve broken and are giving us the remake of our top RPG of all time. A HD Remake with all the bells…wait, what? This isn’t a remake? This is just a port? A port that could be had on PCs and PS3 for a while now? SONY! WHY?

Epic troll Sony, epic troll. Way to get us frothing at the mouth and then pull the rug from under our dainty feet. Yes FF VII is coming to the PS4 but it is just a port of the cleaned up version that has already graced PCs and consoles for a bit of time. So you’ve already downloaded this for your PS3, don’t waste your money geeks. Although if enough suckers nostalgia riddled fans pony up the dough for it again, maybe Sony will cast some black magic on Square Enix and get them to make a right proper remake with HD visuals and trophies. Gotta have them trophies!

So now that the fervor has died down and hopefully none of you has committed ritual suicide, what do you think geeks? Is Sony and Square Enix pushing it with the fans with another quick cash in? Is this another tasty nugget that leads us to that luscious remake? Sound off in those comments. Have fun with the trailer, enjoy that feeling once more. Final Fantasy VII for PS4 will release Spring 2015.

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