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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s First In-Game Screenshots Show off 1st Boss Fight

written by Jason Marcano February 18, 2017

Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy I bought for myself, hell, it may even be the first game I bought for myself. I had my first job as a busboy at an Olive Garden, and when that day in September came some 20 years ago, I went to KB Toys and bought the game that changed everything for Final Fantasy.

As I peeled off the shrink wrap and put the first disc in my PlayStation, I had no idea what to expect. I had played Final Fantasy before VII, but not one like this. Over the next few months, as I pored through the three disc epic, my young mind was continually blown. Playing it now however, it is clear that Final Fantasy VII has not aged well. The graphics are clearly dated. But, at the time, infiltrating the Sector 1 Mako Reactor with Cloud and Barret and defeating the first true boss of the game, the Guard Scorpion, felt and looked so good.

Final Fantasy VII Guard Scorpion

There’s another reason I chose to show this particular screenshot before we got into the official remake captures. The new images, revealed by Tetsuya Nomura at the Magic Monaco event, show off this exact boss fight. In the screens you’ll also see a temporary UI in place. Let’s check out the first shot from the show. This one shows Cloud sneaking around the facility. Again, Nomura stressed that the UI is not set in stone.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Sneak

The next shot Nomura brought to the event is of the game’s very first boss fight. The fight that pits Barret and Cloud against the tank-like Guard Scorpion.

Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Boss

Observant people will note the placement of an “ATB” gauge, as well as Final Fantasy VII‘s signature “Limit” gauge. The action looks frenetic, what with all those fireballs and missiles flying through the air. I wish we could have seen it in action as Tetsuya Nomura wanted to bring a video of the game, but the plan was shot down by his colleagues. But, these screens are a good indication that progress is being made on the remake to Final Fantasy VII. No release date was even whispered at the event, and it’s suspected we may not have one for a long while as Nomura is also hard at work on another eagerly awaited title, Kingdom Hearts III.

What do you geeks think about the images here? Is the return of the “Active Time Battle” bar something that excites or worries you? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned as well have more on the Final Fantasy VII remake as soon as it is available.

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