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‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Bathes in the Moonlight with Next Patch!

written by Gary Hoy April 21, 2018
Byakko in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s Almost Summer: Sun, Heat, and ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Patches!

The next big patch is on the horizon for Final Fantasy XIV. The exact date is not yet 100% confirmed, but it is supposed to be scheduled for sometime in late May 2018. There are usually 4 very large patches each quarter of the year for this MMO Goliath. We are on the horizon of the latest patch for PlayStation 4 and PC to grace the world of Eorzea.

Ever since the advent of Stormblood, we have been cutting a path with Samurai and casting wicked strong spells as the Red Mage. This patch was a revolution for Ala’Mhigo – fighting against some of the strongest the Empire has to offer, tackling the inner chambers of Omega Weapon, learning to co-exist with new Beast Tribes, and (best of all) collecting that gear.

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’ Sees the Light

The latest patch to grace us will be “Under the Moonlight”. Patch 4.3 will drop sometime in late May. 24 hours of maintenance should come before this patch drops, but it has a plethora of new exciting things to explore from the sounds of it. During the latest “Letter from the Producer” video, they detailed what’s to come.


A few adjustments to the jobs will be dropping in on the Darknight, Astrologian, and Samurai. We know little of what they are, but more details will be released before the patch.

New Main Scenario Quests

This will continue the story of Stormblood, adding to an already great narrative about the takeover and revitalization of Ala’ Mhigo. How much more can the Scions and your Warrior of Light do to increase the prosperity of this nation? This is the conclusion of the Doma Story Arch. The Producer Yoshida has stated that with the Doma Story complete, “No one will have predicted the direction they are expanding, so you’ll have to wait to see with your own eyes.”

New Sidequest including the Four Lords and Hildebrand

The Hildebrand content will not drop until sometime during 4.3X, but it will continue the wacky adventures of the “Manliest Gentleman” in Eorzea. Expect wacky cutscenes and ridiculous adventures that take you all over Ala’ Mhigo. Who knows, maybe there will be another encounter with the bumbling fool Gilgamesh.

The Four Lords

Promotional Picture for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3This we’ve been waiting for. There should be more chances to battle the Lords: The Azure Dragon of the East, Seriyu; Vermillion Bird of the South, Suzaku; Intimidating White Tiger of the West, Byakko; and The Black Turtle of the North, Genbu. These trials have been teased, shown, and Byakko is already able to be tackled. So, adding to this is a real treat.

Swallow’s Compass, a new dungeon, will be added as part of 4.3.0. This will give parties of 4 a chance to tackle new challenges, boss mechanics, and probably cause lots of confusion, fighting, and co-existence for those who jump in on day one. New gear will be available to help with tackling raids and alliance dungeons.


A new 4 player Deep-Dungeon is coming. This is similar to the Palace of the Dead style. Equipped with 100 floors, it will use floors 1-30 to reach leveling from 60 to 70. The story will conclude on floor 30. New mechanics such as “Monster House” and “Large Room” from the “Chocobo Dungeon” games.

Players will have the ability to use Magitek to do “Grand Summonings” to summon the likes of Titan to wipe an entire room. This sounds awesome. The remaining floors are meant to have a medium-to-hardcore difficulty, with substantial rewards to attract players to participate in this new content.

Next up is the “Minstrels Ballad: The Weapon’s Refrain”. Rewards will be glowing versions of older weapons.  There will also be a new trial that is attached to the Main Story Quest and not connected to the Four Lords and their difficult trials. There will be both a Normal and Extreme Mode for this.

Eureka will be receiving an update called Pagos Expedition. From the looks of it, the new gameplay elements will be something similar to “Happy Bunnies” from Final Fantasy XII. If you haven’t seen this yet, you can always check out the great remaster, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

Final Fantasy XIV Needs 24 Players

Final Fantasy XIV screenshot

Source: Square-Enix

The Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid gets some love. The Ridorana Lighthouse is associated with crafting and gathering. Matsuno is working on the story and Amemiya has designed one of the bosses.

Loot system changes are coming to the Alliance Raid known as All Greed. This is due to the difficulty changes that allow people to Need on anything of their job class. This makes it more even and fair for those who could use this gear more than somebody who doesn’t need it and is just looking to break it down or look cool.

Frontline will be getting a Daily Campaign rotation. This will allow for more challenges and obtaining more currency for that sweet gear to throw into glamours, spruce up your PVP power, and to just all around look intimidating, exciting, or enticing.

Crafting Getting Some Love

The new Beast Tribe Quests for the Namazu will be specifically dedicated to the crafting and gathering group similar to the Mog and Ixali. There isn’t a lot of information, but the way those tribes were done is run and gather materials for the quest. Then, craft and turn in something using those materials.

Next up will be new custom deliveries and that’s about all we know about that right now.

Last but not Least, the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App

Final Fantasy XIV companion app

Source: Square-Enix

Make no mistakes, this is not the app that was teased during April Fool’s day. No, you will not be able to play a Pokémon Go-esque game to gather in the real world. This will feature a “Free Plan” and a “Premium Plan”, which will feature a few additional features. By registering your characters with the app, the Chat/Scheduler will allow you to sync your friend list and chat with your contacts, schedule events like raids and meets, issue invites, and configure your notifications.

Inventory Management allows you to manage your inventory and Armory Chest, Saddle Bag, and Retainer Inventory. No more spending in-game hours sorting and moving your items around. Do it during a lunch break, long car trip, or just when relaxing and watching some television. Another added bonus, Saddle Bag storage is doubled!

The app with Premium allows one extra retainer. This doesn’t count toward the limit of 9, now allowing the use of 10. Adding to this lovely feature is the use of the Market Board from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Putting up items for sale or purchasing something no longer requires you to be in-game.

Login bonuses include players receiving a Kupo Nut each time they log in once a day. A Moogle, when given one, will purchase items in the market for them. Premium holders will receive an additional Kupo Nut each day and be able to hold a greater number of Kupo Nuts.

Moogle Coins are a companion app currency. Players can enlist the assistance of Moogles far more frequently using this service. These can be used to put items up for sale and revise the market board listings, or purchasing items. More features are to be added on a later basis.

Will you be tackling these new challenges in Final Fantasy XIV? Stay strong Warriors of Light and leave a few comments about the patch!

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