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Final Fantasy XV Aims to Please Turn Based Fans (Video)

written by Jason Marcano June 14, 2016

A little while ago Square Enix released the proceeding video. In it they introduced a brand new feature for the battles in Final Fantasy XV.

By activating “wait mode” players can pause  mid-battle and take in the action while a timer bar, shaded the classic Final Fantasy ATB blue, ticks down. During this window players can take a chance to select a new target for Noctis to warp to, be it enemy or object, or he can select a spell or attack to use. Once a decision is made, the battle will resume and Noctis will act out the selected action. Think Dragon Age: Origins-ish.

With wait mode players will be able to select the individual body parts of their foes, breaking and crippling their limbs and no doubt causing negative status effects. They made the transition to and from wait mode a seamless one. In the video the battle goes from calculating to frenetic with out so much as a hitch. Which again, I have to applaud Square Enix here for really smoothing out a lot of the hiccups with the frame rate.


There are some other details at play about Final Fantasy XV’s battle system to note other what the video’s title suggest. Other than wait mode, we can see a couple things:

  • Noctis is able to call in his allies for support, we see him do it with both Prompto and Gladiolus in this instance.

FinalFantasyXV Prompto

  • The magic appears to have lingering effects. In this video we can see Noctis cast a fire spell, the flames engulf the enemy but also the grass around it. The little fire symbol next to the enemies’ stats seem to indicate them as being “on fire,” and they appear to be taking constant damage. Also notice that those same flames had negative effects on Noctis and the guys if they were standing in it.

FinalFantasyXV PreWarp

Final Fantasy XV looks to be living up to its promises more and more every time a new video or tid-bit of information is released, and its battle system is obviously far more layered than the Platinum Demo let on.

What do you Geeks think? Is this enough to convert the nay-sayers? It’s looking like this is as close to turn based as we’re going to get.

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