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Final Fantasy XV: A Fast, Sexy Car and a New Demo – In Japan

written by Jason Marcano November 11, 2016

If you’re a (future) fan of Final Fantasy XV and live in Japan, then has Square Enix got something(s) for you.

The Final Fantasy XV Audi R8

Also known as “The Audi R8 Star of Lucis,” you may remember this car from Kingsglaive. As a collaborative project between the Final Fantasy XV team and the German manufacturers, the special edition Audi R8 is coming as part of the games launch. It is also one of a kind. The pricey luxury car will set you back almost $.5 Million at $470,000. Due to its rarity however, the sleek, sexy beast of a car will only be available to buy via raffle. This means that you must be in Japan on November 21 at 10:00am to enter, and if you win the raffle you will be given the opportunity to purchase the Audi.

final-fantasy-xv-audi-drive final-fantasy-xv-audi

Getting this thing, to a Final Fantasy fan, would be like a Batman fan getting a Batmobile. It’s kind of a big deal. A ton of detail has gone into this car as is evident in the video below and at the official site for the vehicle.

Final Fantasy XV: Judgement Disc

Square Enix thinks the good people of Japan need just a little more coaxing in order to be convinced that Final Fantasy XV is going to be a game they’ll want to play. As of November 11th in Japan gamers have been able to download an extensive demo of the upcoming game. Subtitled “Judgement Disc,” the demo allows players to experience the first half of chapter 1. It takes roughly 90 minutes of straight play to complete.


I’ve had the chance to play the demo, I’m sure other savvy gamers have as well. So far, despite not understanding a lick of what’s going on, it’s fun. Though many are reporting the game as buggy, other than some weird NPC animations, it’s been relatively smooth sailing.

The demo is set on easy mode, and there is no way to fiddle with language or subtitle options, so the only real challenge arises from navigating the menus. It is what it is, and what it is so far is intriguing. The combat is fast and fluid, a definite change of pace from the earlier demos. The music is stellar, and I imagine the banter is entertaining, there was one moment in particular where Prompto breaks the fourth wall. Luckily, you don’t need to be able to understand the language to get the joke, partially anyhow.

Final Fantasy XV opens with a brief and mostly optional tutorial. Gladio and Carbuncle team up to show Noctis the ropes.

Again, the difficulty is set to easy, so Gladio’s AI acts a little dumb at times. After this segment you are thrown straight into the open-world of Eos, and chapter 1 begins. There is no word on whether or not those of us in the US will be able to sample FFXV any more before it’s November 29th release. It’s a shame, the demo shows a lot of promise, and may sway some doubters. I am eager to explore the depths of its combat and magic system.

Geeks, Final Fantasy XV is so close, and having a chance to sample the end product serves as the final push on the home stretch. Have any of you been able to try out “Judgement Disc?” And how about that Audi? Let us know if you’re getting Final Fantasy XV in the comments. Or, are you sitting this one out?

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