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Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto (Robbie Daymond) Grants A Christmas Wish

written by Jason Marcano December 27, 2016
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In Final Fantasy XV four heroes vie for our affections while trying to save the world of Eos. Each of the guys bring their own thing to the table and which boy is “best boy” has become a hotly debated topic. Everyone has their favorite for whatever reason, and whoever you think is best boy, you’re not wrong. Well, you may be wrong if you didn’t say Prompto, but I’m not here to change your mind. I’ll let the actions speak for themselves.

A Father’s Wish

Frankie’s daughter, Euphrates, is a gamer. Up until the release of Final Fantasy XV she’s been hooked on games like Minecraft and Roblox. According to Frankie, FFXV is the first game to pull her away from games of those types, and the reason is Prompto. Prompto is the underdog of the group. He’s not powerful like the others, but his affable personality lifts the spirits of the team. Plus, he takes some great photographs.

Final Fantasy XV Gladio chocobo

When you have children, or care about someone deeply, you take risks. Sometimes, those risks pay off like they did here for Frankie and his daughter Euphrates. A couple days before Christmas Frankie sent a message to Robbie Daymond, voice actor of Prompto, expressing the love his daughter had for Final Fantasy’s photographer extraordinaire. To his amazement, Daymond responded, and it wasn’t just some canned message.

You can hear Prompto’s message to Euphrates here.

Robbie Daymond went all out for the message too. He sings the fanfare, and even goes into Jingle Bells near the end. It’s a short message, but it clearly meant a lot to Euphrates.

“I surprised her with the message as soon as I saw it in my inbox and she was messing around on the PSVR. She giggled and laughed…but found out she was hiding her tears under that VR visor.”

Final Fantasy XV Euphrates reaction

Robbie Daymond is a stand up guy, and it’s fitting a guy with such a big heart would voice the most carefree of the four guys in Final Fantasy XV.

Does this change any of your minds on who the best boy in Final Fantasy XV is? You geeks let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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