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Final Fantasy XV: E3 Boss Battle (VIDEO)

written by Jason Marcano June 14, 2016

During the Xbox press conference at E3 director Hajime Tabata took to the stage with Senior Product Marketing Manager Mathew Kishimoto to unveil an exclusive scene of Final Fantasy XV running on the Xbox One.


The game play kicks off with Noctics and crew fighting the giant, Titan. It is fittingly called the “Trial of Titan,” the sense of scale is astounding and has to be seen to be believed.  In the video we see the bro-squad squaring off with the massive beast all while making quips and boosting each others morale during the tense moments.

A couple of takeaways from the video: The sputtering frame rate has seemed to improved a bit. There is a lot of action going on on the screen and it never hits the sluggishness seen in the Platinum Demo released earlier this year. Also, during these epic fights Noctis and his friends will be joined by an army. After all, a beast this big is going to take a little more than a few swords to take down.

FFXV has seen two demos come out since its announcement one million years ago. It’s nice to see Square Enix took all that time to polish and perfect their baby. Final Fantasy XV will be released, world-wide, on September 30th 2016. Until then check out the video below and board the hype train with the rest of the geeks.

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