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Final Fantasy XV at E3: Day 2

written by Jason Marcano June 16, 2016

With day two of E3 proper drawing to a close, I wanted to create a recap of all the new Final Fantasy XV information we learned today. DHTG has already covered Final Fantasy XV quite thoroughly. With glimpses of epic battles to new mechanics, one would think we would have all the bases covered, but one would be wrong. Square Enix and Final Fantasy XV have come out swinging at E3! This trailer featuring Afrojack will get you pumped.

Just today Square Enix released this 30 minute stage presentatinon by Hajime Tabata (Director of FFXV). In the video we get an indepth look at the finer points of the ‘wait mode’ announced yesterday he also says, of the games fantasy aspect, “Perhaps a good analogy would be a modern Lord of the Rings.” I have to recommend the 30 minute video, just due to the fact that so much is explained about the battle system, and the magic system. Not only that, but this looks buttery smooth running on the latest PC build of the game.

The Magic system for Final Fantasy XV sounds much deeper than the simple magic grenades we got in the Platinum Demo. I won’t go into too much detail here, it starts 16 minutes in, but it sounds very robust. You draw—hello FF VIII—different elements from nodes scattered around the vast world and mix and match them with various items from your inventory, like a potion or Phoenix Down, to make different spells.

FinalFantasyXV draw

That makes the grenade like magic seen in the demo much better and far more versatile. You are essentially making magic bombs. There was one spell in the video they create called “Heal Fira.” This spell heals the caster while still igniting the enemies caught within the blast radius. The whole system looks like a ton of fun to play around with and I can’t wait to start concocting my own magic arsenal.FinalFantasyXV HealFira

They also gave us a sneak peak at one of the cities we can expect to visit in FFXV, Altissia:

Altissia, a gorgeous, sprawling city on the water clearly influenced by the canals of Venice, is a bustling hub of side-quest, shops, and life. If this is an indication of what we can expect from Final Fantasy XV and its cities then we can look forward to a living, breathing world. One, perhaps, more immersive than any Final Fantasy before it.

FinalFantasyXV Altissia

Earlier, they gave us a glimpse of the sheer size of this seamless world with a video highlighting the Regalia TYPE-F, the hybrid car/airship you’ll use to traverse the world.

A lot of people seem unimpressed with the Regalia TYPE-F, calling it silly or unrealistic, but I think it looks pretty sharp. Flying in it and landing it looks like ridiculous fun. When you’re soaring in the air you can see the world spread out in front of you and really take in the hugeness and beauty of the environments Square Enix has created for Final Fantasy XV.

FinalFantasyXV Regalia

As if they hadn’t already blessed us enough with all this Final Fantasy goodness, Square Enix also released this video delving into the FFXVEU:

In the video they finally open up about the scope of the Final Fantasy XV Universe. Square Enix has been talking up the FFXV: Universe for quite some time, in fact they started building it two months ago with an anime called “Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV” and you can watch it for free right now on YouTube.

The Brotherhood series delves into the bonds that tie these four friends together, so don’t go in expecting flashy battles. It’s a really good and well animated show so far. However, it’s only two episodes deep, but it still provides some nice and surprising insight to the pasts of some of the characters.

FinalFantasyXV Brotherhood

Square Enix makes sure to explain multiple times that it is not necessary to watch, play, or otherwise partake in any of the gaidens of Final Fantasy XV. Assuring us that each project, like the Kings Glaive prequel movie predominately showcased in the video, is it’s own separate entity, meant only to add to the overall gratification of finally, after over ten years, getting to slide that disc in to the tray, wrapping your hands around the controller…

The wait is becoming excruciating, and who knows what more info Square Enix will discuss in the final moments of E3, the days after, and leading up to September 30th when the game comes out just to make it all that more difficult. There is one thing you can be certain of: DHTG will bring you all the latest news on Final Fantasy XV and oh so much more. So stick around, we’ve got your E3 news covered.

This game is really hitting all the right tick marks for me the more they show of it, and now with this sweeping story, told though many avenues, Final Fantasy XV is clearly looking to bring the RPG crown back home to Square Enix. A crown, that some would argue, is due time for it to be reclaimed.

How is FFXV making you geeks feel now that we have concrete proof that SE are striving to make FFXV feel like a Final Fantasy game? Or, are there things at E3 taking your attention away from Final Fantasy?

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