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Final Fantasy XV at PGW: Going Gold, Online Multi-Player, and More!

written by Jason Marcano October 27, 2016

If you thought yesterday’s news about Moogles being in Final Fantasy XV was all Square Enix had left to reveal before we get our hands on the final game, like me, you were wrong.

First of all, the game has gone gold!

For further proof, below you can see Hajime Tabata holding actual copies of the disc:


At Paris Games Week (PGW), Square Enix also showed off a brand new, cinematic trailer titled “Omen.” They’re describing it as a “concept trailer.” It was made by the same people that worked on Kingsglaive, Digic Pictures.

Noctis’ father, King Regis, receives an omen of a catastrophic future that must be avoided.

Cutting back and forth between Lunafreya in mortal danger and Noctis trying to make it to her, the trailer plays out like some kind of fever dream. Noctis follows a white dog, Lunafreya’s pet Pryna. Pyrna is the dog Prompto rescued in the Brotherhood series. Pryna leads Noct through the dreamscape and we’re transported to many locales fraught with danger. It all leads to a climatic battle with a cryptic outcome.

Finally, we see King Regis talking to a disembodied voice about death. This voice, who could it be? Whomever it is, his words are ominous:

” I have seen many deaths. But now I’m only looking forward to one, and then, I can rest…”


After the trailer Square Enix went into some light detail on the planned DLC for Final Fantasy XV. Confirming what was easily gathered from each DLC’s title, all of the guys will be playable in their own stories. Square Enix has released concept art for Gladio’s and Prompto’s episodes.

The real surprise to come from Final Fantasy XV‘s time at PGW is the announcement of, as of yet un-detailed, online multi-player being in the game. It seems like this feature will come out with the planned DLC. It’s an intriguing prospect, and a feature that’s been in past Final Fantasy games.

FFVI allowed a second player to take control of a party member. Though player 2’s actions were limited to selecting what skills their character used in battle, the option of multi-player was still there. FFIX had this feature as well. Multi-player in Final Fantasy XV is likely to work the same way, allowing you to team up with three friends and tackle the games most fearsome beast together.


You can watch the whole PGW stream here. It runs about 9o minutes, and there is some new gameplay involving a Griffon and a familiar enemy from FFVII.

Geeks, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to be done talking about Final Fantasy XV. Just bring it on already. November 29th can’t come soon enough. What do you think about the inclusion of multi-player in FFXV? Is it a feature you would even use? Shout out in the comments, and stick with DHTG for more on FFXV and other geeky goodness.

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