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Final Fantasy XV Keeps Growing. Season Pass Now Available.

written by Jason Marcano August 3, 2016

Thanks to the folks at Gematsu we now know that there is still more to Final Fantasy XV‘s ever expanding story. On the American PlayStation Store front there is a new “Digital Premium Edition.” It will cost $84.99, and the descriptor reads as such:

“The FINAL FANTASY XV Digital Premium Edition includes the original FINAL FANTASY XV and a Season Pass.”

There is also mention of  getting a theme titled “Big Bang,” but that is not what piques interest. The most revealing news of the season pass comes from Gematsu’s translation of the Japanese PlayStation Store.

  • “Booster Pack” (DLC #1)
  • “Episode Gladiolus” (DLC #2)
  • “Holiday Pack” (DLC #3)
  • “Episode Ignis” (DLC #4)
  • “Episode Prompto” (DLC #5)
  • “Expansion Pack” (DLC #6)

The price of the Japanese Season pass is 2,700 Yen. 2,700 Yen is roughly $27. It is not yet known what these DLCs are specifically, but based on the names it’s easy to guess.

FinalFantasyXV SP2

Square Enix has already been fleshing out the backgrounds of the main characters in the Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood series on YouTube. If you’ve been watching that series then you know that even though Noctis is the main character, the other guys get their time in the spotlight as well. So it’s likely that Episodes Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto will flesh out their stories even more, maybe even allowing you to play as them.

FinalFantasyXV SP1

The “Booster Pack” and “Holiday Pack” are a bit more ambiguous. They honestly sound like costume and equipment add-ons. The final expansion that will come with the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass is merely titled “Expansion Pack.” This is the one shrouded in mystery. Perhaps they aren’t revealing the name because its title would be a spoiler.

Whatever the case may be with those other three expansions, Square Enix seems to have a solid plan for Final Fantasy XV and its future. In a recent interview director Hajime Tabata was asked about DLC and said “…we’ve pretty much finalized our DLC plans…” and that it was too early to release any real information.

FinalFantasyXV SP3

Final Fantasy XV comes out September 30th, as if you geeks didn’t already know that. If you were on the fence, does news of this DLC tip you one way or another? Let us know, and be sure to give us a follow to stay up-to-date with DHTG.

Source: Gematsu


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