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Dance With Moogles in Final Fantasy XV’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival – New Mini-games and More!

written by Jason Marcano January 20, 2017

Let the Celebration Begin!

Square Enix just released a video showcasing what The Moogle Chocobo Carnival in Final Fantasy XV consists of. Thankfully, it’s more than just high stakes games of “Justice Monsters Five”. Altissia is getting gussied up with mascots, banners, balloons, and all manner of carnival appropriate adornments.

The Carnival kicks off January 24th, and it’s going to make Final Fantasy XV a bit more lively and fun. Among the familiar Chocobo races, which will see new courses in the seaside metropolis, will come a plethora of new mini-games for Noctis to distract himself with.

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo RacesOne of the new games, called “Tiromatto,” is reminiscent of an old-time shooting carnival game. Hopefully these games aren’t run by crooked carnies, as they look fun and rewarding.

Final Fantasy XV TIromattoWhile making your way through Altissia’s bustling streets you’ll see people in cuddly Moogle and Chocobo costumes. You’ll even be able to dance with them!

Final Fantasy XV Noctis and MoogleNew food for Noctis to sample will also be premiering at Final Fantasy XV’s celebration. Decadent desserts, rendered as perfectly as every other dish in the main game, are put before you. The food too will be decorated for the occasion.

Final Fantasy XV DessertsThe video also gave us a peek at what using a camera with Noctis will look like as he takes pictures of his surroundings. There have also been additions to fishing where the fish have some sort of pin or tag on them. At one point, Noctis can be seen jumping through the air and collecting bunches of balloons. Final Fantasy XV‘s Moogle Chocobo Carnival certainly seems like a good time. We can only hope that everything wasn’t revealed in the video, which you can view below, and that more surprises are on the way.

Well, what did you geeks think? Are you excited to revisit Altissia and join in the festivities? I can’t wait to see what prizes we can win in the new games! Let us know what you think of The Moogle Chocobo Carnival coming to Final Fantasy XV on January 24th. Remember, the carnival itself will be available to all owners of the game whether you paid for the season pass or not, so there is no excuse not to check it out.

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