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Final Fantasy XV Gets PlayStation 4 Bundle

written by Jason Marcano September 14, 2016

On November 29th, Sony is releasing a Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 Bundle. It actually looks pretty nice.

The bundle will include a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim, Final Fantasy XV, a steel book, Kingsglaive, and DLC which includes a few outfits and weapons. There is also a special edition DualShock 4 adorned with the Final Fantasy XV label. The moon on the console itself is a thing of subtle beauty, marred only by the gold lettering overlay. The console is priced at $449 USD/$549 CAD. So, if the PS4 Slim is $299.99 that means you’ll have to shell out an additional $150 USD. Unfortunately there are some caveats.

The first: This bundle will be exclusive to Game Stop. As for how many will be made? It’s anyone’s guess. So if you’re a collector, pre-ordering may be wise.

Secondly: You will still have to buy the game’s season pass seperately to enjoy the meaty DLC Square Enix has for Final Fantasy XV. That means an extra $25, rounding out the total to about $475.

Third—and this is yet another blunder on Sony’s part: There is no PlayStation 4 Pro Final Fantasy XV bundle. This is just one more in a growing list of Sony errs. Also, another puzzler; Sony used Final Fantasy XV in part of its TGS presentation during a video that showcased what HDR can do for gaming. So why wouldn’t this bundle be available for the Pro as well?

Sony has been making some questionable decisions lately regarding the PlayStation family. They want us to adopt the Pro, but they keep taking all the cool things away from it. This especially is strange as Sony could have moved a few more PlayStation 4 Pro’s off the shelves this holiday.

Geeks, you have to admit that console looks amazing. It’s really tempting to go pre-order it, but it’s a Slim. What do you think? Would you buy this over the Pro? Let us know below in the comments, and keep hanging out with us here at DHTG, we’ve been having fun.

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