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Final Fantasy XV Raises the Level Cap and More With Ver. 1.05, Plus a Look at What’s on the Horizon

written by Jason Marcano February 20, 2017
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Square Enix continues in its quest to complete Final Fantasy XV by steadily adding the rest of the game via updates and DLC. The most recent of patches is version 1.05—It dropped late in the evening on February 19th. That’s not to say that, in its current state, Final Fantasy XV is a bad game. I enjoyed my time with the game at launch. I had reasonable fun at the Carnival, and continue to grind hunts and levels in my free time. Overall, FFXV is a worthy bearer of the Final Fantasy name.

How Ver. 1.05 Changes Final Fantasy XV

The first thing you’re likely to notice when booting up Final Fantasy XV after the update is that the Moogle Chocobo Carnival has come to an end. If Square keeps to what was set by the game, then this time next year the event should make a return. Here’s hoping it brings some new attractions with it. I would love to replay the game with the bros dressed as Moogles and Chocobos. It would look silly, sure, but I’d cherish every minute of it.

Once you get into the game, you’ll notice a few more changes. If you have a PlayStation 4 Pro, “Lite Mode” on the console will get you a steady 60fps. This doesn’t affect me, but to those of you it does this is good news I’m sure.

Final Fantasy XV Gladio Pose

The rest of the additions are a bit more gameplay oriented. Firstly, you can now listen to the portable music player while riding a Chocobo. If the Chocobo melody is getting on your last nerve, finally, you can make it stop. Speaking of music, a couple of songs from the upcoming NeiR: Automata have been added to the already magnificent soundtrack.

New timed hunts and contest have been added to the game as well. If you’re thinking that you’ve already reached max level and you wouldn’t have a reason to partake in these events, you’d be wrong. As incentive to complete these new hunts, Square Enix has raised Final Fantasy XV‘s level cap to 120! SE have also given Prompto’s camera an increase in memory as you can now capture 200 images chronicling your journey to level 120.

After Ver. 1.05

Another bit of the promised DLC for Final Fantasy XV is out tomorrow, February 21st, and it gives Noctis some better fishing gear among other weapons and items. There are two versions of this DLC, just as there was for the previous Holiday Pack. The current DLC is the “Booster Pack,” and “Booster Pack+”. Worth noting is that Square Enix was going to release special outfits for Noctis and his band of buddies, but certain potential copyright issues were made apparent. Redesigns are now needed.

Final Fantasy XV Power Rangers

Next, and the DLC I’m most looking forward to, is “Episode Gladiolus”. This update will most likely be the most substantial until the rest of the guys get their respective episodes. Once these add-ons, and the edits to the boring, and otherwise flawed, Chapter 13 get implemented, maybe we’ll finally have the Final Fantasy XV we were always meant to.

Are any of you geeks still playing Final Fantasy XV? Will any of this get you to fire it up again? Let us know in the comments below!

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