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Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary includes original manga

written by Alex Lopez February 12, 2017

For a series called FINAL Fantasy, it sure does have some longevity. Even now, Final Fantasy continues to take us on grand adventures though video games to movies. Now, in celebration of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary, we go on another adventure.

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger is the first original manga from the long running series. Written by Hazuki Minase and drawn by Itsuki Kameya, the manga will release sometime this spring. Minase’s most notable work is the light novel C3, which led to ¬†an anime series in 2011. At this time, there is no word about the characters or plot.

Starting in 1987, the Final Fantasy main series has produced 15 titles, including two MMOs. The latest, Final Fantasy XV, has shipped over 6 million copies and become one of the biggest titles in the series. Several Final Fantasy games have also released on handheld systems and mobile devices. There have also been several movies and novels based on the series. Lost Stranger will be an entirely new story in the Final Fantasy universe. I’m sure the new manga will be just as incredible and fantastic as the rest of the series. As long as they keep the Chocobos around.

Sound off geeks! Are you looking forward to the Final Fantasy manga?

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