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(I finally beat) Bloody, Bloody, Bloodborne..

written by reddog August 7, 2015



Bloodborne. The title alone makes me cringe, and sends shivers down my spine. Merely getting to the very first boss was a struggle, which is a problem, seeing as you are unable to level up until after your first encounter with it. The difference between Bloodborne and previous Souls games, is the pace of combat. You will have to learn new tactics, and become more aggressive, and much less defensive than in previous titles. Watching my character get torn apart by delusional, rioting village folk, and losing all the blood echoes I had worked so hard for was probably a good three hours spent in the very first area of Bloodborne’s gruesomely detailed game world.

There is a huge learning curve. I began realizing small things, that made large differences. When and when not to lock onto an enemy was a big deal to me, as was learning a weapons move set, and how to use it to your advantage. When locked onto enemies, you have a much faster side step, rather than your slow roll. At the beginning of your dodge, there is a period of time where you are invulnerable to attacks, you can really use this to your advantage! Take some time to become accustomed to the combat system, and really get accustomed to it. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it, I promise.


You can imagine the lengthy, stress filled journey through Bloodborne’s twenty or so boss fights, and the areas in which preceded them! I pressed on, courageously, and when I fell down, I always stood back up. Through encouraging words from other players experiencing similar struggles, and determination, I found my way to the end of the game, face to face with who I may consider the hardest boss in the entire game. (I’ll leave the name unspoken, in case any of you have not yet finished.) I died a multitude of times at this point in the game, though it may not have been as many deaths as I’ve experienced in The Binding of Isaac. It was plenty enough to finally convince me to put down the controller, and take an extended hiatus from the rotten, unforgiving world in which I had grown accustomed to.


Recently, I grew the motivation to go back, grind some potions and quicksilver bullets, and change my tactics. I read some advice given by a few other players who had posted some tutorials on Youtube. I tossed on some new equipment with a higher defense against physical damage, some runes that replenished Blood Vials and Quicksilver bullets upon completing a visceral attack (this is very important in this fight, visceral attacks are key, as he is a very easy boss to riposte, and he uses physical attacks for the most part), and made my way back to the fog gate that I had set foot through many times before. I was prepared and confident. I stood tall and fought valiantly, being patient and persistent in my tactics.. and I finally did it. I dwindled his health down until he could not fight anymore, and the credits finally rolled. (That is, after the optional boss fight in which I had completed prerequisites for took place.) The stress that was lifted was unbelievable, I felt free. This game had shot me down time and time again and proved itself too aggressive for me. But I finally did it.

With that said, if you are struggling with something, whether it be Bloodborne, or something a little more imperative and based in the real world, if you get knocked down.. Stand back up. As Shia LaBeouf would say, DO IT! With confidence, and persistence, if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. Just like He-Man, I have the power, and so do you! So go get em. You may be surprised in what you are capable of!

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