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‘Firefly’ Is Making a Comeback… But There’s a Catch

written by Quinzel Lee April 16, 2018
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Firefly fans have always been the butt of an April’s Fools joke, with false promises of the show’s return. You would think that a dedicated fan base lasting over 15 years since the show’s cancellation would be enough reason to bring it back. Or at least make up for how Fox screwed up royally.

Well, this time, we aren’t just getting your hopes up. Firefly is coming back… just in a different format. Tit­an Books are releasing a Firefly book series. The first book is called Firefly: Big Damn Heroes by Nancy Holder. This writer is no stranger to the Whedonverse. Nancy actually wrote several of the tie-in books for Buffy and Angel. You can have Firefly: Big Damn Heroes in your hands and dive back into the Firefly ‘verse starting fall 2018.

The rest of the book series is definitely something to look forward to. Titan Books confirmed that there is already a second and third book in the works. March 2019 will mark the release of Firefly: The Magnificent Nine. Jayne gets a message from an ex (oh, Jayne, you lady killer you) which leads the group to a desert moon. In October 2019, we should get Firefly: Generations. In this book, the group finds an Ancient Ark ship, but River has a bad feeling about it.  We all know what happens when we ignore River’s bad feelings.

You can rest easy knowing that it will live up to the original show because Joss Whedon will be on board as consulting editor.

I’m actually pretty okay with this, especially if we can’t have another renewed season. For one, a TV reboot just wouldn’t be the same show without Shepherd.  However, a book can open a whole new level that fans have been craving for the last 15 years. Anything can happen. I mean, maybe this is an alternate universe where that one thing didn’t happen that one time.

Zoe and Wash from Firefly hugging

What say you, geeks? Are you looking forward to reading these books? Sound off in the comments!

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