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First of Four Avatar Sequels Starting Production Soon?!

written by Tiff Hostetler February 19, 2017
Avatar's Na'vi teaching archery

Avatar's Na'vi teaching archery

Remember Avatar? James Cameron‘s epic digital sci-fi masterpiece? Having been pushed back so many times, it was looking like we’d never see a sequel. It’s been a long wait, but it seems James Cameron has been busy finalizing the scripts for four of them!

While doing the press rounds for his current film The Shack, Avatar’s lead Sam Worthington shared some of what he knows about the upcoming sequel. Starting with the fact that it’s set eight years after the events of the first movie.

“Essentially, it’s a movie about family… he’s been living in the world for a while now, so what’s this world he’s seeing now for the first time? The film will explore that within this family dynamic.”

Worthington says production is “still set to start in the summer,” and the films will be shot back to back. He also said he’s ready to start whenever James Cameron is.

“Whenever he says jump, I go because he’s the man.”

Considering the amount of digital work that went into Avatar, the last tentative release date of December 2018 might be pushing it. Still, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a timely return to Pandora and the land of the Na’vi.

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