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First Look: Batman: The Killing Joke VIDEO

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. April 26, 2016
From the Killing Joke

Words escape me. I never thought in a million years that DC would actually adapt one of the first Batman tales that ever “went there” for me. Still, every time I read it, when IT happens I get shocked and outraged. Now sure most of you know what I’m talking about but some may not so I won’t spoil it. But still, outrage and all.

Couple my surprise when not only did they announce they were doing the Killing Joke but then they say it would be “R” rated? Oh wow. Colored me just seven shades of surprised.

From the Killing Joke

So now we have the very first trailer and has it ever delivered. It has THE voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy and THE voice of the Joker, Mark Hamill. It has all the beginnings of the graphic novel and the suspense of a great trailer. What more could one want? Well besides the actual movie? Not damned much let me tell you. Having read The Killing Joke a few times, I was left with that feeling of dread one gets when one doesn’t know what’s next. Yet I know, I already know!

Oh man, The Killing Joke can not come soon enough. That soon enough is expected to be on blu ray, DVD and digital sometime in June 2016.

After watching the trailer, what do you geeks think? Are you as giddy as I am? Disappointed? Sound off below and be heard!

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