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First look at Caliban and Logan in the new Marvel movie “Logan”

written by Alex Lopez October 23, 2016


This week, we got our first look at both Caliban and Logan in the upcoming Wolverine sequel. Plus, a new trailer doesn’t hurt either.

For those who may not of heard of Caliban, he is a mutant with the ability to track down other mutants using psionic energy. His first appearance in the comics was in 1981 where he was recruited by the Morlocks. This, however, isn’t his first appearance in the movies. He appeared (all too briefly) in X-Men Apocalypse as an aid to the world’s first mutant. In the comics, Caliban has a bigger role as one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Apocalypse is also responsible for increasing Caliban’s size and strength through genetic alteration. He will have a bigger role in Logan, helping Old Man Logan as a caretaker for an aging Professor X.

Two days after the reveal of Caliban, director James Mangold released the first shot of Hugh Jackman as the titular character, looking a little worse for wear. There is also an intense look in his eyes, more than normal. I suppose the extinction of mutantkind will do that to a guy. But maybe there is more to that look than we are led to believe. After all, he hasn’t exactly led a stress-free life.

Logan, based loosely on the graphic novel “Old Man Logan”, takes place in a future where Logan is losing his powers and mutants aren’t exactly the majority. The mutants that are still alive are being turned into killers and of course, Logan and friends have a run in with one of these killers. Speculation surrounding this killer mutant suggests that it none other than X-23, a mutant very similar to Wolverine himself.

Are you geeks ready to see Wolverine’s final adventure? Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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