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FIRST LOOK Leak of Vampyr Gameplay, From the Creators of Life is Strange (VIDEO)

written by Liana "LiLi" R. June 11, 2016

As we’ve previously reported on DHTG, there’s a new kind of gaming on its way by the minds behind the wildly popular choice-based title Life is Strange. This new journey is called Vampyr and the story thrusts the player into a world of heartache and fear. Each choice could have grave repercussions, each action a consequence.


Dontnod Entertainment is the latest victim of an early leak ahead of schedule. The original listing was set for an E3 debut on June 13th, but like the internet often does – we got to it first.

“Science has failed us. The Flu epidemic has killed thousands all across London. People struggle on, afraid in despair …”

This is the first time that fans get to see an in-depth look at Jonathan E. Reid, the Doctor turned Vampyr that the player will experience. Reid narrates the gameplay footage talking about his dueling natures, his hunger as the monster he has become and the Doctor that wants to heal not hurt.

As the trailer progresses, Reid’s hunting habits have not been as subtle as he may have thought – a group of hunters are on his tail and ready for battle. Equipped with a sword and a feral hunger, we see him use his natural and supernatural abilities to survive.

“It’s a war, and I have to fight to survive. My life has become a waking nightmare. I did not choose the thing I have become, but I can choose the lives I take.”

There isn’t a set release date yet for the title, though we do know it is expected to drop in 2017 by Focus Home Interactive. If you want to learn more about this haunting RPG, check out the links below:

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