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First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Offers a Look into the Future

written by Jordan Cobb May 18, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery is the return to television for the long standing franchise. Well more streaming television, but its back on TV none the less for the first time since Enterprise left airwaves in 2005. But it won’t be tied into the current films nor be set after Voyager, but be a prequel that is set around a decade before The Original Series started.

Well now we have our first look at the series via the release of its trailer so let’s give it a watch.

You know it is a little weird to see this as a prequel to TOS given the limitations of presentation and effects in the 1960s, but that’s really the only negative thing I could think about in regards to the trailer. It looks really good!

Discovery appears to keep the spirit of Star Trek alive in its exploration of humanity in the future and the parts of space that have gone unexplored. The effects are wonderful to look at and certainly looks to justify the high price point of $6-7 million per episode that CBS has given the series.

Sonequa Martion-Green I think is a great choice to have as a lead and having other names like Michelle Yeoh, Jason Isaacs, James Frain, and of course Doug Jones playing a brand new species of alien in prosthetic makeup, is certainly lending the show some great promise. That and it was co-created by Bryan Fuller. That’s not too bad and also coming full circle given how Fuller got his start in television writing for Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Star Trek: Discovery looks great so look for it on the CBS All Access streaming service sometime this fall.

What did you think of the trailer? Excited? Worried? Who is your favorite Star Trek character ever? Let us know in the comments below!

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