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The First Teaser Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ is Here!

written by Jason Marcano May 24, 2017
Castlevania Logo

We reported that Netflix would be making an animated series based on Konami’s Castlevania. Now, Netflix has released the first trailer for the series due on July 7th. You can watch the trailer following the very brief synopsis provided.

In darkness, a hero returns. Castlevania, a Netflix original series, arrives July 7.

It’s got skeletons, vampires, and there’s even a whip! It looks appropriately Gothic and 100% Castlevania!

While the short teaser doesn’t reveal much, it does have an awesome intro. Seeing the NES boot up Netflix as a pixelated 8-bit version of itself hits all the right nostalgia triggers. What follows the retro intro is a brief glimpse of what we can expect in the show proper. Other than this trailer, the only other real look we’ve gotten of the series is the following poster.

Poster Castlevania

Netflix’s Castlevania is being helmed by Adi Shankar, who was a producer on The Grey and Dredd. What did you geeks think of the trailer? Was it promising? A let down? Let us know if you’ll be watching Caslevania when it lands on Netflix July 7th in the comments below.

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