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Better Weather Is Here: Tips for Geeks to Get Fit!

written by Christina Ortega Phillips May 12, 2018

Birds are chirping, trees are greening, and the sun is shining longer each day. Spring is finally here. For some of my friends, this change in weather means that it is time to start moving and shed the extra weight we Midwesterners sometimes put on to help keep us warm over the winter. Here are some tips for geeks to get fit. 

I have a few crazy friends who have taken up the habit of running to get fit. As for me, I’m only running if the Doctor tells me to…or if there are zombies around. Besides, I’m a geek and a lot of my geek hobbies are very sedentary. For example, I need to know if Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Gabriel are going to be able to bring Mary and Jack safely home so I have to catch up on Supernatural. And, according to my DVR, I have other shows to catch up on. Netflix is not helping with my sitting-on-my-butt problem either, because season two of Jessica Jones and A Series of Unfortunate Events are still in my queue.

But what if zombies come and I am out of shape? Do I trip my best friend and hope that he is big enough to be a good meal for the zombies so I can get away? What if the Doctor were to visit and ask me to be her companion? Would I get dumped if I can’t keep up? What is a geek to do to get fit?

If zombies chase us, I'm tripping you.

Get creative.

I love my video games as much as the next gamer, but lately I am being more mindful of the types of games I play. I still turn on my PlayStation 2 just so I can have a nostalgic session of playing my DanceDanceRevolution games. I also have a Kinect for my Xbox, and although I do not have many games for it, I enjoy the few games I do have like Dance Central and Star Wars. Video games that get me up and off my butt are how I get my cardio exercise. Plus, it doesn’t feel like exercise.

Dance Central cover and screenshots; another tip for geeks to get fit

I have also recently discovered an app that is helping me to move more: ZR5k. Zombies, Run! 5K. Now I am never going to actually run a 5K, though I have successfully sped-walked through one before. But this app is great for a geek and a gamer. There has been a zombie apocalypse and you’re being pulled into the storyline as you move. You’re told when zombies are near so you have to run and you’re told when they’re not so you can slow down to a walk. I actually look forward to the next session (they suggest rest days).

Zombie Run 5K Training App, one tip for geeks to get fit

But what about those bad days (weekends) where I just cannot turn off the TV or Netflix? How’s a geek supposed to get fit like that? It’s simple, or it could be simple: move while watching. One could easily change a drinking game for a show or movie into an exercise game.

Let’s take, for example, this Lord of the Rings drinking game. Did you look at it or open it up in a new tab? Good. Now let’s pick out some of the listed actions and pair them with some exercises:

If a Hobbit talks about food do 10 jumping jacks
If a Hobbit fights or uses their sword do 10 lunges
If Elvish is spoken run in place until they’re done
If Legolas shoots his bow and arrow 10 push-ups
If someone says “My precious.” 10 squats
If Sauron is mentioned 10 crunches
If Gandalf does magic 10 burpees

It is not very hard to come up with exercise games to get fit. You can simply take a drinking game and replace “drinks” with movements. If you know the show well enough (and who isn’t guilty of watching something we’ve already seen?), you know what happens often enough so you can easily pair up the events with exercises. Or you can always Google (insert show or TV name) and exercise game to see if one already exists.

As always, though, motivation is key. You just have to find what works for you and stick with it.


Have you tried any of the exercise hacks in this article? Do you have other ways to get yourself moving more? Tell us in the comments!


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