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Five reasons to be excited for The Flash (Season 2)

written by Tom_Winstone August 27, 2015

The FlashWhen I sat down to think about why I was excited for the coming season of Arrow it was easy to draw up a list. Stephen Amell is a great spokesperson for the series. His online presence demonstrates an infectious enthusiasm and if he is excited for something he will make sure the internet knows about it. With Arrow’s spin-off, The Flash, it was a little harder to turn my feelings into the written word. Why am I excited for season two of the Flash? BECA– USE IT IS THE FLASH. I would be hard pressed to find a show that had such a strong (20+ episode) first season. The thought of sitting down for another round of episodes with the citizens of Central city sells itself! That being said, here are some of the reasons I was able to narrow down.

Quick warning, the follow contains speculation for the Flash season 2 as well as spoilers for season 1…and “Sliders”, oh, and “Fringe”. But not “Ed”.

Earth 2

Sliders was one of my favourite shows growing up. It was about a team of misfits who travelled to alternate dimensions across the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky Bridge (I pretty cool growing up). Their goal was to find their way home, but each week they would become lost in one of limitless possible Earths. A world where the ice caps had melted, or where dinosaurs never went extinct, “or where your dreams of being a superstar came true”. While the Flash doesn’t seem to have infinite Earths to explore, we are going to be introduced to at least one other dimension, Earth 2.


While it’s not clear at the moment whether our heroes will visit Earth 2 (think Fringe season 2) or if this is going to be a be a shortcut for bringing new villains into the series. I suspect mild-mannered Catlin Snow to encounter her villainess double, Killer Frost, at some point in the series which could led to a fun Vampire Willow doppelgänger style episode.

Earth 2 is a story engine that can open up so many different avenues. Hopefully this will also see a reduction in the number of super villains created by the Star Labs explosion. At the very least Earth 2 will definitely contribute to the next item on the list.


In the closing minutes of the season finale the producers of Flash threw a number of Easter Eggs at us for eagle-eyed fans to spot. Probably the most shocking was the helmet of the Golden-Age Flash. The helmet came flying through the time vortex and seemed to give Eobard Thawne a fright.

Earth 2

This could have been a simple throwaway reference to keep fans guessing, but the Flash doesn’t tease, when they hint at Grood, you can rest assured he’s coming. The helmet, like Grood’s cage, was some serious foreshadowing. Jay Garrick is going to feature in season two of the Flash, being played by Teddy Sears. With at least one offer speedster confirmed (Zoom) and the announcement that Wally West has been cast, it’s certain that Barry’s mantle as the fastest man alive is under threat.

Captain Cold

Sorry Harrison Wells, I like a good dark father metaphor as much as the next geek, but the most interesting hero/villain relationship in the show is definitely between The Flash and Captain Cold.


This frenemy/bromance was the highlight of any episode featuring the Rogues and Wentworth Miller looked to be having the time of his life. Whether he was scheming with Heatwave or chewing the scenery opposite Grant Gustin, Miller, on his first try, found the perfect balance between camp and villainous while the folks over at Gotham are a season in and still end up going too far one way or the other.

The first half of the next season has its work cut out for it, as they not only need to continue this strange relationship between Barry Allen and Leonard Snart, but also move the character into position as one of the Legends of Tomorrow. Speaking of dark father story arcs, veteran actor Michael Ironside (Google him) has been cast to play Captain Cold’s father in the new season.

Patty Spivot

I have to admit I’m interested to see how they are going to introduce Patty Spivot. That’s an unusual name. For the first several story arcs of the New 52 continuity Patty was Barry Allen’s love interest in the police force. As a successful forensic scientist, she would assist Barry as the Flash as well as investigate cases on her own.


In the show it’s rumoured that Patty will be replacing Eddie as Joe West’s partner on the force and be a potential love interest for Barry. I really enjoyed Barry and Linda last season, so am looking forward to see how Barry and Patty interact. Barry and Iris is likely to be the show’s end game, but let’s take our time getting there and have some fun along the way.

During Flashpoint an alternative version of Patty became the superhero Hot Pursuit, but that’s not likely to happen here, it’s not like their going to introduce other speedsters, or alternative versions of recognisable characters…at the very least I expect Cisco to describe her and Barry’s flirtation as a “Hot Pursuit”.

Hot Pursuit

Tom Cavanagh

I’m fearful that if I don’t mention Tom Cavanagh I may end up with a vibrating hand punched through my torso (I said they’d be spoilers). I have been a fan of Cavanagh for a number of years, particular for his show “Ed”. For anyone whose not seen it (shame *ding* shame *dig*), Ed was a lawyer who practiced out of a small town bowling alley…comedy ensued. So I was excited to see what Cavanagh would bring to the serious role of “Doctor Harrison Wells”. There’s a theory that comedy is more difficult to master than drama, but that didn’t seem to stop Cavanagh from bringing his A-game. In my head there was Tom Cavanagh, a pleasant, likeable fellow, who has now been replaced by the hypnotically scary Eobard Thawne. From the casual murder of Simon Stagg to the brutal assassination of Cisco it was impossible to not be scared of this character.
The bad guy

At the same time we all wanted him to be on Barry’s side, as he gave motivational pep talks to team Flash just when they needed it most. I expect that his character’s dual nature will continue in Season 2 as the writers will want to give Cavanagh exciting material to work with.

Nothing could have prepared me for the amazing scene where Wells reveals his true name and his glee for messing with the Flash. Certainly the strongest performance in a sea of great actors.

Those are the things I am most looking forward to for next season, is there anything I’ve not mentioned? What are you looking forward to?

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