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The Flash Casts Wally West; Earth 2 Also On The Way!

written by J Martell August 8, 2015


Bad news travels at the speed of light; good news travels like molasses… Unless its news about Season 2 of The Flash.

Two major details have emerged this week that are sure to have fans buzzing with the speed force. Not only do we now know who has been cast as Wally West, but it’s also confirmed that Earth 2 will be making its way into the series early on in the season.


Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has confirmed that Keiynan Lonsdale (The Divergent Series) will play Wally West, known both as Iris West’s nephew and sidekick to The Flash, Kid Flash. Probably the most interesting fast about the casting, for me, is the age of Lonsdale, who is only two years younger than Grant Gustin (who plays Barry Allen and The Flash). Given that Wally West is supposed to be his eventual nephew and sidekick, I can only believe this speaks more to the time travel angle than anything else.

I truly hope that the characteristic that will be brought up the least in regards to this casting choice will be the actor’s skin colour, though I can see it coming up a few times between now and his official unveiling. Wally West, in the comics and other animated versions, is depicted as having red hair and freckles, which a darker skinned black-haired Lonsdale clearly doesn’t resemble closely. This shouldn’t be an issue, as Iris West herself (and her Father Joe West) are portrayed on the show as African-Americans (played by Candice Patton and Jesse L. Martin respectively). These cast members / characters have proven to be extremely well done, so hopefully there will be little to no complaints on that side of things. Plus, the most recent itteration in the comics (as in the above image) also shows us a darker skinned Kid Flash. All in all, it shouldn’t be a sticking issue on his casting.

Kreisberg has compared Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West casting to the previous decision to see Grant Gustin filling the role of Barry Allen and The Flash. “Just like when we met Grant for the first time, we instantly knew Keiynan embodied all the heart and courage of a hero. We are so excited to be bringing this much-beloved character onto the show,” said Kreisberg.

Flash of Two Worlds

Flash of Two Worlds

Recently speaking with EW, Andrew Kreisberg also commented on another common feature of The Flash franchise: Time Travel and Parallel-World hopping. Season 1 used time travel to great effect, showing us a gut wrenching moment at the moment of the death of Barry’s mom. “We’re trying to do the same thing this year with Earth 2 and the concept of the multiverse and the concept of dopplegangers,” Kreisberg told EW. “We’ve been having a lot of fun with that and getting glimpses of Earth 2 probably sooner than people would’ve thought.”

There you have it. We’ll be seeing a few more traditional Flash additions next season (villains, other heroes, etc) but for now we definitely have Wally West and Earth 2 (which should be including original Flash, Jay Gerrick, if the helmet that came out of the portal at the end of Season 1 is any indication). Any thoughts? Is this good news, or are you cautious? Let us know in the comments!


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