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Flashpoint is the New Title for The Flash Film in the DCEU

written by Jordan Cobb July 22, 2017

It was just announced at the Warner Bros. panel for San Diego Comic-Con this year that Flashpoint looks to be the basis of the upcoming DC Extended Universe outing for Ezra Miller as The Flash.

The panel opened with a sizzle real of what has come before then showed off a montage of logos indicating the next upcoming projects in the DCEU, which included sequels for Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. Others shown were Shazam, The Batman, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, and The Flash, which was followed up with the Flashpoint logo.

Flashpoint was the DC Comics event book that helped to reboot the entire DC Universe and lead towards The New 52 back in 2011 and was recently adapted into The Flash on The CW. Flashpoint revolves around an alternate timeline created when Barry Allen saved his mother from Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash.

Why make this The Flash movie? Flashpoint is a story steeped in the history of the character and the whole DCU itself and sure, Flashpoint is a recognizable name to associate with the character, but this seems risky. Time will tell.

Though its interesting to hear this news considering there still isn’t a director for the movie fully set in place.

What do you think of the news? Still excited for the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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