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Florence + The Machine and Final Fantasy XV Make Beautiful Music Together

written by Jason Marcano August 13, 2016

Florence + The Machine has been around for almost ten years now. With multiple best selling albums and a passionate fan base the English group, lead by Florence Welch, has influenced millions in America and countless more in their native country. Welch’s angelic¬†voice and the accompanying tranquil melodies have always had a fantasy like and other worldly feel to them. So, it’s no wonder Square Enix tapped her talents for their latest epic: Final Fantasy XV.

finalfantasy XV florence

Square Enix recently released three tracks from the game made by the Grammy nominated Florence + The Machine. “Stand by Me,” which we heard on the amazing trailer released at E3 this year. The other two tracks are: “Too Much is Never Enough,” a peaceful, serene piece and “I Will Be.” “I Will Be” is featured in the latest “World of Wonder” trailer for Final Fantasy XV. The trailer highlights some of the flora and fauna you can expect to see around some of the games bodies of water.

There is definitely an emotional resonance in the combination of the song and striking footage from the game. The world of Final Fantasy XV, when one ventures off the main roads, is teeming with life both hostile and docile. The world feels alive, lived in. It looks like a place one would revel in the opportunity to get lost in for hours. An escape from the sometimes blandness of reality. Sentiments shared by Florence Welch who writes:

As gamers we are no strangers to the allure of an amazing OST. From the haunting tracks in Chrono Cross, to the plucky tunes of Donkey Kong Country, if you’re a gamer you have no doubt hummed these, or other, songs in the shower at some point in your life. Hell, you most likely have at least one game song as a ringtone.

But Florence Welch isn’t a gamer, and that’s okay. You don’t have to be a sculptor to appreciate¬†Michelangelo’s statue of David, nor do you have to be a painter to be moved by a Matisse. For her to have been inspired simply by listening to a genre of music she probably never gave a second thought to is proof positive of the power of the medium us geeks indulge in.

FinalFantasyXV Leaping Snake

Games transport us, engage us, challenge us to think outside of ourselves and the world we live in. They are a unique form of interactive art with many layers. Layers that must come together and form something that not only entertains, but enraptures the senses. If the layers don’t land just right the whole game will fall apart, no matter how leading edge the graphics are or how big the name of the developer is.

Final Fantasy has always striven to achieve the perfect mesh of entertainment and art. Music has always been a driving factor in the immersion into its many worlds. This collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and Florence + The Machine is something no one could have predicted, but now that it has happened, it seems like it was always inevitable. Perfect.

FinalFantasyXV Waterhole

You geeks can check out “I Will Be,” “Too Much is Never Enough,” and “Stand by Me” on Spotify or iTunes. Once you listen to them let us know what you think of the collaboration in the comments.

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