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Your Favorite Game Coming To A Smart Toilet? You Guessed It!

written by Tyler July 5, 2018
Skyrim on a smart toilet

Yes. I know. Going forward you may very well be able to take your critical shits on the throat throne of the world and give breathing fire a double meaning. At CES, there are a multitude of different concepts, full demos and other wacky things that are attempting to transform the digital and electronic world. Kohler, ever inventive, came out with the multi-functional smart toilet called Numi. Yes. ‘Multi-functional’ toilet. Don’t you wish you could play Skyrim on the ass gasket, and give ‘er the old Flush Ro Dah?

Here’s the thing, you already bring your cellphone when you go to do your business, why not just leave your cellphone in the living room, and just play Skyrim by talking to your thunder box? Now despite me trying to figure out why Numi is a great name for a smart-toilet, Kohler announced that Numi will come with Amazon’s Alexa technology. Yes, that’s where the Skyrim comes into play. However, if $6000 is too crappy for you for a smart toilet, then you’ll probably have to wait for a sale.

Alexa, how Skyrim is played on a smart toilet

Skyrim has been made fun of for awhile for Bethesda’s wanton rage of putting it on every man-made device out there, even though they made fun of themselves this past E3 with Alexa. I wouldn’t doubt in 30 years, you can play Skyrim (or its next iteration) on toasters, fridges, in your car or even on your hair straightener, seeing as Amazon’s Alexa can be ported to any ‘smart’ thing.

It’s just amazing; the fact that I’ll soon be able to use Shouts at my toilet and I’ll have my Skyrim adventure narrated back to me during my private time, instead of the archaic way of bringing my cellphone to the deuce closet. Sigh, simpler times. By the way, there were a lot of puns in this article, but aren’t you glad I didn’t cheap out and use the rim from Skyrim? Me too.

What about you geeks, does talking to your toilet to play Skyrim interest you in any way? Are you surprised at the stuff that comes out of CES? Talk to us, instead of your smart toilet, in the comments!


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