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Forget Beats, the SOUNDSIGHT headphones are going to be the cans to have!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. July 21, 2014
Image of Soundsight

Image of Soundsight

We get a lot of products releases sent to us for consideration and some are just okay but the upcoming SOUNDSIGHT headphones look to take the mobile audio world by storm. How so? Well they’re the first cans to take 1080 HD video while you’re cruising the streets, that’s how! These ‘phones can mix and edit any content you record, both video and audio, on the fly and you can then post them to your social networks. How sweet is that? They’re promising studio quality sound, not that fake bass other name brand sets have.

There will be an initial run this month with the SOUNDSIGHT running $349 a set before the full-blown launch in Spring of 2015 where they will run a bit more at $499 a pair. Hit the site to get your pre-order in now! For a full feature breakdown, hit the press release below:


SOUNDSIGHT Launches Revolutionary Video Recording Smart Headphones Enabling Consumers to Experience A Fully Immersive Visual Social Experience

July 21th 2014 – New York, NY:  SOUNDSIGHT Headphones has set to release the world’s first video recording smart headphones, offering consumers an entirely new way to create visual content, share music and develop soundtracks from their unique point of view via the SOUNDSIGHT mobile app.

Developed for Android and iOS devices, SOUNDSIGHT Headphones provide a unique and innovative force to the wearable technology and portable audio market. Starting July 11th 2014, SOUNDSIGHT will sell a limited run of units priced at $349 a pair, before the official release in spring of 2015 when the headphones will retail for $499 a pair.

SOUNDSIGHT has already grabbed the attention of Grammy nominated, OneRepublic’s Eddie Fisher, “Capturing and mixing my unique point of view mixed with music set to my life, studio quality sound & video recording are just a few of the reasons SOUNDSIGHT would be a great asset to me while on tour”.

Designed by Stephen Chase with WoodenShark & Idem Finland Oy (Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014) the product experience is unparalleled in its capacity to enable the consumer full control of creativity in a user-friendly format with optimum social media capabilities leveraging SOUNDSIGHT Headphones audio, video and sensor technology. Suitable for the novice or professional.

Features include:

  • Patent pending video recording and audio technology
  • Record in up to1080 HD resolution
  • HIFI studio sound with noise cancellation
  • USB Audio Output
  • Clip&Mix™ your music for video content through the SOUNDSIGHT app
  • ColorTune™ feature to auto-suggest by matching video colors to music notes with a touch of the hand
  • Edit, trim and apply film look filters
  • The image quality, dynamic range, color depth and raw ability of SOUNDSIGHT Headphones make the product an ideal device for organically capturing point of view motion pictures. SOUNDSIGHT Headphones are available at SoundSightHeadphones.com.

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