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Former Bioshock Devs Release Roguelike ‘City Of Brass’

written by Tyler May 7, 2018
City Of Brass's main enemy skeleton

If you find yourself wishing for genies to come grant you wishes of a better whip, less traps and a more challenging adventure, than City Of Brass may be for you! This title has been summoned by former developers of Fallout: Tactics, Bioshock 1 & 2, Tribes: Vengeance and Submerged. Now under new indie studio title Uppercut Games, City Of Brass has been released from early access and sits at a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam which, I have to say, is quite fitting for what they’ve set out to do.

Sweet loots

Conjured from the ‘roguelike’ genre, City Of Brass is an Arabian nights-themed action adventure title. Using a whip and a sword you’ll whip and nay nay slash through procedurally-generated rooms trying to get to the ‘City Of Brass‘. Although it’s fairly linear, there are several corridors off the beaten path you can find extra treasure and loot to upgrade and heal at various genie locations.

City Of Brass' whip-crackin

Watch me whip

The movement and combat are so fluid, it’s no surprise this comes from senior developers of already established AAA games of the past. Where the sword is your classic damage-dealer, the whip is multi-functional. Upgrade-able, yes, but from the start you have the ability to grab items or explosive lamps from afar, push enemies back, or ‘Scorpio’ grab and pull them in for a melee kill.

Don’t step there!

Each room is littered with hordes of enemies and an obscene amount of traps. Ranging from spiked floors, pits to leap over and gas traps to avoid, there is no shortage of danger in each playthrough. The best part about this, apart from its genre brethren in the likes of Spelunky, Enter The Gungeon et al. is that you are always running out of time. A classic hourglass is a constant reminder to keep pressing forward.

City Of Brass's genie vendor

I myself have not yet reached the end, as I have died so very many times (to the damn spike traps, no less), yet I still yearn for another try as each time you are cursed with permadeath. Beautiful, beautiful permadeath. City Of Brass is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for $19.99.

What about you geeks? Have you tried out City Of Brass yet? Let us know in the comments!

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