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Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes to Guest Star on Arrow

written by Jordan Cobb July 5, 2016

Arrow‘s new guest star is flying in from off the top rope.

Announced by Stephen Amell at a panel from this past weekend’s Heroes and Villains Fanfest in New Jersey, former WWE wrestler, Cody Rhodes will be making a guest appearance on the upcoming fifth season of Arrow. Amell made the announcement after he and Rhodes were introduced on stage by Rhodes’ wife Brandi, a former ring announcer for WWE herself.


Rhodes is a professional wrestler who is best known for his family lineage in the business with his WWE Hall of Fame father, Dusty, and his brother Dustin AKA Goldust, with whom Cody won the WWE Tag Team Championships twice.

He is also best known for his Stardust character that debuted back in 2014. Rhodes is a lifelong comic book fan and soon morphed Stardust into a supervillain within the WWE. Amell, himself a lifelong wrestling fan, got involved with WWE in an angle against Stardust that led to a tag team match involving the two at last year’s SummerSlam.


Amell expressed his excitement for Rhodes coming on to the show since they became friends during Amell’s time with WWE and Rhodes has been looking to get into acting more. Which helps now that he isn’t so busy after asking and being granted his release from WWE this past May. Though Rhodes is still active on the independent wrestling circuit.

Right now it remains unclear what role Rhodes will be playing on the show or if its just a one-off appearance or he’ll be recurring throughout the season.

How do you feel about the news? Do you think Cody Rhodes has what it takes outside of the ring? Let us know in the comments below!

Arrow returns to TV this fall with its fifth season premiering on the CW on October 5.

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