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Fortnite vs PUBG: Copyright Violation Royale

written by Logan Brklacic May 30, 2018
Game logos for PUBG and Fortnite next to each other

So apparently an unoriginal game mode is a copyright violation? Battle Royales are everywhere. It’s inevitable and unavoidable it seems, and one game is staking a claim over the popular game mode. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has filed a lawsuit in Korea against Fortnite creator Epic games for a copyright violation.

What exactly is the violation? Who knows! There are no particular details about this lawsuit out to pin point what the violation is. Both games play out similar in which you fly over an island, there are weapons on the island, find the weapons and survive to be the last one standing. But the games are different in many ways. For one, the graphics. PUBG is more realistic in graphics, while Fortnite is cartoonish. PUBG also has the modification feature in which you can add scopes, and grips and magazine attachments to guns, Fortnite does not. Fortnite does give guns in various rarities from white to gold, with gold being the best over others, but you can not modify them.

Gameplay of PUBG, third person view of a character aiming down the sights of their gun

Gameplay of PUBG

Even the maps are different. PUBG hosts two maps, while Fortnite only has one. But Fortnite has started to evolve their map and makes changes to it instead of just coming out with a new one outright. Oh, and vehicles! You can’t ride a dune buggy to safety from the gas/storm/barrier that closes in on a point and kills you if you are on the wrong side too long in Fortnite. PUBG offers up vehicles you can drive around as you find people to kill them or to escape danger….if their wheels haven’t been shot out by people. Also Fortnite gives the ability to collect wood, stone and steel for building walls, stairs, and floors into various protective structures to avoid being shot at.

Gameplay of Fortnite, Third person view of a character running around searching for loot

Gameplay of Fortnite

It isn’t like the battle royale is an original idea. PUBG and Fortnite came out after H1Z1: King of the Kill. Something newer, fresher, and different is always going to come out. That is the nature of the video game industry. There has been a decline in positive reviews for PUBG in the steam store recently. This could be due to reported performance problems and increases in number of cheaters and hackers in the game. Bluehole’s lawsuit is currently only limited to it’s home market of Korea. Both games have come out with mobile versions of the battle royale mode, and this could be an underlying cause for the lawsuit as mobile gaming is extremely popular in Asian markets.

We’ll see what comes of this lawsuit and how it pans out. How do you feel about this news? Is Bluehole being a little too dramatic here? Sound off in the comments.

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