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Fox looking to renew the X-Files revival for another season – but there’s a catch

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 16, 2016

The truth is out there – and so are renewals! The first season bringing the revival of the X-Files for fans was a huge success and stemming from that, the suits over at Fox made the official announcement that it was unanimously agreed that the show should definitely see a second season.

Fox co-chairman Gary Newman said during a conference call that though the enthusiasm is there for a sophomore season, there are some “logistical problems” that are putting a temporary halt to production. With the cast and crew’s busy schedule, Newman states that it’s a lot harder to get everyone on the same page than they would like but they are actively working on coming up with a way to get the ball rolling. He also mentioned that fans should be on the look out this time next year because they should have a premiere date and solid information at that time.


One of my favourite memories growing up was crawling up to curl up with my mom at 11 PM to watch the newest episode of the X-Files. That and The Outer Limits were two sci-fi shows that really brought us together so the news of the revival continuing makes me very excited as a fan. Though I am excited, I can’t claim to be surprised. The show’s main stars, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, were actively putting on the pressure for a renewal alongside the show’s creator Chris Carter.

Despite concerns that the audience just wasn’t there, the pilot episode proved otherwise with an amazing 50 million viewers globally tuning in. The show’s success only shadow for its demographic is AMC’s The Walking Dead.

No news yet, as mentioned before, on a premiere date but keep hanging with us at DHTG as we continue to bring you the latest and greatest in the Geek-verse.


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