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Fox may go ahead with a Fantastic Four sequel.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 13, 2016

Seems like Fox hasn’t learned its lesson in regards to the Fantastic Four. The studio is looking to possibly create a sequel to the universally panned film.

It's the Fantastic Four

Producer and co-writer of Fantastic Four Simon Kinberg went on record about the movie stating that they knew they made a less than wonderful experience for the fans. The darker tone of the flick was cited as being one reason that turned fans away from it.

We didn’t make a good movie…and the world voted, and I think they probably voted correctly. And you can’t make a good movie every time out – not everybody does. We actually have a pretty good batting average, all things considered. But I think we made many mistakes when we made that movie – mistakes that we learned from and we wouldn’t repeat

The return of the Fantastic Four would also mean the return of the cast. Kinberg was very much in love with them, even though long time readers of the comics cried foul at some of the choices. The break from the original vision of the First Family left a sour note when announced and caused a huge divide in the community.

We want to make another Fantastic Fourmovie. We love that cast – I mean if I were to say to you now Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller, and Kate [Mara] and Jamie [Bell] are great actors – we love that cast. I love the comic, I mean I love it almost as much as X-Men.

The mere fact that Fox has not taken into account what the fans and critics said about the movie is pretty rough. I always liked the FF but I can’t say I’m a die-hard fan. Being a fan of many different realms has given me a unique perspective on things. I understand that Fox wanted to mix it up a bit, however it angered the very people that made the comic what it was. Hell, I miss the early attempts at the Fantastic¬†Four.¬†

It's the early fantastic four

It’s a pretty much safe bet that an official announcement of a sequel to Fantastic Four will cause a tidal wave of hate from probably much everyone. Remember this is the film that was so bad, it got the comic canceled.

Let me hear it geeks, what’s your take on this trinket of news? Will you join the vicious attacks full of hate or are you to the point that you don’t care now? Drop your feelz in the comments but be civil to each other. If you feel like making your own opinion, go ahead and get the movie below.


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