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Fox to Reboot Firefly on One Condition!

written by Katelyn Fiorentino November 22, 2017
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If you miss the beloved show Firefly, you may be in luck. This futuristic show has been canceled for about 15 years. It left fans with broken hearts and a need for more Malcolm Reynolds. Although, the cries for a reboot aren’t going unnoticed.

President of Entertainment with Fox, David Madden, had an interview with Rotten Tomatoes where he disclosed some Firefly info:

Madden said he’d be open to a Firefly reboot if Joss Whedon himself wanted to revisit it.

Firefly Show Cast Nathan Fillion Joss Whedon Fox A slight chance is all fans need to fuel their hope! Madden seems to be on board with the thought of a reboot. Although, they have to take into consideration Whedon’s busy schedule. Joss has been up to a lot since his Firefly days. With the makings of Avengers, he’s had his hands full. So, if Joss decides to go through with a revival of the show, it’s promising to know Fox is on board.

Revivals are all the rage nowadays. The X-Files is one of many, that brought missed characters back to your TV screen. Season 10 was released in 2016, and season 11 is gearing up to debut in January. So, it’s safe to assume Firefly will create the same buzz. There’s something about bringing back a favorite show after a long hiatus, that makes it all the more special.

Firefly star, Nathan Fillion, has been busy since the cancellation. He’s been apart of the long-running show, Castle. A crime-fiction show that lasted 7 years. Castle recently ended back in 2016. This ending is making a future of Firefly seem all the more plausible.

The crew of a transport spaceship battle many challenges, and have adventures 500 years into the future. Characters such as Malcolm Reynolds and River Tam are what made this show special. The experiences this crew shared, are what makes a revival worth waiting for.

So, what are your thoughts on this reboot? Do you think Joss Whedon will be willing to work with Fox on this revival? Let us know if you’re a loyal Firefly fan!

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