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Fox’s X-Men TV Series Closer to Pilot, No Legion Crossover

written by Jude Kasekamp January 12, 2017
90's X-Men

Fox is drawing nearer to placing an order for a pilot of the X-Men TV drama in pre-production. Following the success of Disney’s Marvel properties on Netflix, this prospect may provide more choice and competition. Choice and competition are obviously great news for comic book fans everywhere. So, what do we know about this possible TV show?

90's X-Men

Well, we know it will be a dramatic action-adventure show. It’s written by Matt Nix, the creator of Burn Notice. Big name executive producers are on board as well, including X-Men film director Brian Singer, and Marvel legend Jeph Loeb.

Early scripts have received great reactions from Fox executives so far. Fox chairman Gary Newman told Deadline that he is expecting a final script to arrive on his desk soon, and the order to be put in shortly after. Fox has yet to order a pilot this year, and this comic book show just might be its first one!

The series reportedly features a family, who go into hiding after their child manifests mutant powers. It should be a closer, more intimate story, rather than the global sweeping plots of the latest X-Men movies. It also may have some undertones of social commentary, as these things tend to do. The plight of a family on the run from an oppressive government may reflect the reality of the current refugee crisis all over the world.

Meanwhile, Legion is kicking off in February 2017 on the FX side of Fox’s channel lineup. Unfortunately for fans of elaborate crossovers (cough*Arrowverse*cough), executive producer Laurel Shuler Donner shot down the prospect of a connection:

“For my part, no. Because I come from the X-Men franchise movies, it was a chance to bring the X-Men to television, to mine some of the characters we haven’t and won’t be using in the film franchise and to open up the universe to some other characters, as television does.”

Is there such a thing as too many superheroes on TV? From all that Marvel has going on, as well as the DC/Warner Bros. properties, will you geeks be able to keep up? Let us know in the comments!

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