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That free Fallout 4 isn’t so free.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 10, 2016

It's Fallout 4 + Xbox

It was quick and it was crazy but for the shortest of moments, Xbox One owners could swipe up a free digital copy of the insanly fun time waster, Fallout 4.

News lit up Twitter and Facebook like a radiation room with a containment leak. My peeps over at CAG where on it fairly quick, trying to let freebie seekers in on the deal before it became swamped with mole rats. The Xbox One pages for Fallout 4 were showing not only the base game for free but also the deluxe edition. ┬áThat version included the crafting supplies┬áseason pass. It was quite the freebie bonanza and as feared it became swamped. It took mere hours before it started showing “Unavailable”.

Many a gamer would think that was it, that they had lost out and some lucky few had gotten up to $100 in free gameage to brag about. Right? Wrong. As it turns out, Microsoft is on to all of the peeps who took part of the cheap o bonanza and will be revoking the digital licenses of the game and season passes shortly. Yeah, they caught you and there’s nothing you can do about it this time.

Which begs the question about who owns the rights to games one downloads. If a company like Microsoft can magically null licenses like for Fallout, how far can they go? What do I actually own? What if someone gets a burr up their ass at MS and they decide to start revoking our rights to content we’ve rightfully purchased?

The scare factor starts to climb and makes me glad I prefer physical discs over digital. Sure, I have to download DLC but full games? Give me my discs any day! Maybe it’s the paranoia sinking in but I think it does raise some valid concerns about how a company like Microsoft handles digital downloads.

I’m curious geeks, what do you think? Would losing a license like that cause you to stop buy digital games? Still prefer the convenience? Think I’m crazier than normal? Dig a tunnel to the comments and sound a raid horn to let me know!

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