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New Month, New Free Games For PlayStation Plus

written by Jason Marcano October 29, 2016

If any of you geeks haven’t downloaded October’s offerings for PlayStation Plus, your time is running out. It’s a line-up you don’t want to miss out on either. Resident Evil: HD Remaster headlines October’s collection and is apt for Halloween gaming. If you have the PlayStation Plus games from this month, then maybe next month will have something new for you. Keep in mind, while “free,” you must pay for and maintain a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to access them.

The PlayStation 4 is technically getting four of the six games this week as most of them are cross-buy titles. This will allow you to play on the PS4, PS3, and Vita! On to the list.

November’s PlayStation Plus Free Games

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, PS4

  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters, PS4

  • Dirt 3, PS3

  • Costume Quest 2, PS3

  • Letter Quest Remastered, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

  • Pumped BMX+, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4 and PS3)

As you can see, November’s offerings pale in comparison to the games we received in October. Alas, not every month can be full of AAA titles. However, the games here aren’t bad, they just aren’t as good as Transformers, and Costume Quest 2 would have been a better fit alongside Resident Evil given it being the Halloween season.

PlayStation Plus, like its counterpart Xbox Gold, continues to be a good deal, and since you need them both to play online anyway, there’s no harm in getting a few perks for your dollars. Will you geeks be picking up any of November’s PlayStation Plus offerings? Sitting this one out? Let us know in the comments which, if any, of these games you most excited to see.

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