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Friend your apartment complex or else.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 30, 2016

It's an apartment complex

You know what it’s like when you hop on Facebook and get a notification that someone has requested your friendship. It’s excitement with a twinge of dread because you don’t actually know who is on the other end of that request. Still though, you look and chances are you accept. What happens though when someone writes up a contract forcing you friend them or face dire consequences?

That’s what residents of one apartment complex in Salt Lake City, Utah are in the middle of. They came home one day to a “Facebook Addendum” stuck to their doors. This new, and questionable, addition tells renters they have a whopping five days to “friend” the complex on the social site or they will be in violation of their lease. Yes, they are saying they can throw people out for not being their friends in social media.

The apartment complex, City Apartments, has also stated in the very infuriating document that they can post, at will, pictures of tenants and guests to the Facebook page. Plus, tenants are not allowed to post anything negative or make the complex look bad on their personal pages. Again, doing so can result in kick out time.

The City Apartments Facebook page has taken quite a hit in the ole ratings department, with it sitting at right around a 1 star rating. One resident went as far as equating the complex to Nazis. Can you blame him?

One wonders where Facebook stands on this. Is it a violation of the terms and conditions to force someone to friend you or suffer real world consequences? We’re not talking a simple thing as someone not talking to you any more, we’re talking about being forced to leave your dwelling. That shit sits on your credit report as a negative.

What do you geeks think about this? Anybody here live in City Apartments? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Hit us up in the nifty comments section.

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