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Full Cast of Twin Peaks Revival Revealed

written by Branden H April 25, 2016
Sign that says Welcome to Twink Peaks

After months of speculation David Lynch’s long awaited Twin Peaks revival has it’s full cast list.  The cast is now 217 members strong and was unveiled by Showtime today. The list is extensive but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Tim Roth ( Lie to Me and Reservoir Dogs)
  • Micheal Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs the world and Juno)
  • Ashley Judd (Divergent and Heat)

These are just a few of the actors you can expect to see. I could drop the entire list on you but you can check it out over here.

The original Twin Peaks was created by David Lynch and Mark Frost and it first aired in 1990 on ABC. I remember watching the original show on re-runs and was caught up in the dark overtones while at the same time found myself drawn to some of the humor that it often had with its characters. Even with its decline it gained a cult following, so when David Lynch announced he’d be heading up a nine season series by Showtime the fans were understandably excited. The fact that it was going to be a continuation of the series and that they would get many of the main cast back for the new Twin Peaks made it even more so.

I was ecstatic – all too often these days great series get rebooted and not continued and instead of just picking up the threads left behind the wipe it out as if it never happened. This leads to a disconnect that some people just can’t get behind but I have absolutely no concerns with David Lynch’s nine episode series coming to Showtime in 2017.

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