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Universal Just Dropped a Full Trailer for “The Mummy”

written by Jake Tanner December 5, 2016

Universal gave us a teaser for their new film, The Mummy, and it was met with mixed emotions. During the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we got a better look at the upcoming monster film that’s slated to release in 2017. Check it out below.

I’m definitely on board to at least give this movie a shot when it comes out. I know a lot of you are on the fence about the movie because of what I’m dubbing “reboot fatigue”, but this looks like a lot more than the generic action-adventure film that I thought it would ultimately be. The first installment of The Mummy in the last trilogy had a horror element to it that wasn’t matched in the two sequels, it looks like Universal wants to bring that back to their new “Monster Universe.”

A shared monster universe is something horror fans have been dreaming about for years. Russell Crowe is a great addition as Dr. Henry Jekyll, and Tom Cruise has the acting chops to pull off what is promising to be not only an action-adventure film, but a suspense/horror/ thriller as well. It’ll be really interesting to see what kind of story they’re going to tell.

Only time will tell what this movie will ultimately end up being, but after seeing this trailer it’s definitely moved into the “go see it in theaters” category for me. What do you guys think of what we’ve seen from the movie so far? Are there any monsters you’re hoping to see in Universal’s shared monster universe? The possibilities are pretty much endless, and there are some great, classic stories I’d love to see told in today’s world. As a self-proclaimed horror nut I can’t wait to see what Universal is going to do with this new universe they’re building. Jump in on the conversation in the comments below!

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