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Fun.com Two-Face Sweater Review! (Video)

written by Jude Kasekamp February 5, 2017
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Fun.com Two-Face Sweater thumbnailI am a massive fan of Batman, and especially love the villains. I was ridiculously excited when the good folks at Fun.com sent me this awesome sweater. It’s a knit pullover, and features one of the most iconic bad guys in all of comics: Two-Face.

Two things I look for: Does it make a statement, and is it high quality?

From Fun.com:

This DC sweater comes with Two-Face’s face, designed right into the front. One half of the sweater has the image of Harvey Dent, District Attorney. The other half has the image of his disfigured criminal persona. He’s flipping his signature coin on the front and additional coin themes are on each sleeve. Just make sure that you’re on your best behavior while wearing this villainous winter wear!

For my full thoughts, check out my video review!

The sweater does make a statement and a half. Two-Face’s image dominates this sweater. It’s got bright, bold colors, and an insane amount of detail. Every wrinkle and crease adds to the impressiveness. I especially like the two faces of Harvey Dent’s coin on either sleeve. It’s little things like that that I appreciate the most.

The quality is very good, too. It’s thick and durable, and fits really well. I haven’t washed it, so we’ll see how it holds up. The care recommends hand wash only, in cold water. I’m not sure how motivated I am to perform this level of manual labour, but I might make an exception for something this nice.

Ultimately, I am a big fan this sweater, which you can find here! I highly recommend you head over to Fun.com and check them out. They have lots of geeky stuff, so you should be able to find something that you like as well.

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