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Game of Thrones Series Finale to Film Multiple Endings to Fool Hackers

written by Jordan Cobb September 14, 2017

Considering the recent seventh season of Game of Thrones had more leaks than it cared to have than usual, HBO isn’t going to be messing around when it comes to the upcoming final season of the epic series.

It has been announced that multiple endings for the series finale will be filmed in order to throw off and fool hackers who have leaked previous episodes of the show well before it airdate. The news was confirmed by HBO president of programming, Casey Bloys when visiting Moravian College.

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

He further added, “You have to do that on a long show. Because when you’re shooting something, people know. So they’re going to shoot multiple versions so that there’s no definitive answer until the end.”

This is a fairly common practice in television. One notable example being the reveal of Laura Palmer’s killer in season two of Twin Peaks. A scene was filmed where it was revealed it was Benjamin Horne was the host of BOB and that he killed Laura Palmer instead of her father Leland. That was done in order to throw viewers off as well, however the scene has never included on the subsequent DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the show.

Breaking Bad and The Sopranos among other shows have been none to do this as well.

The decision is smart and one I imagine HBO had in mind for whenever the show came to its conclusion, but after the recent season of leaks, it truly comes as no surprise that HBO is doubling down on that plan.

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