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Game on! Gamestop is now the one love for ThinkGeek!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 2, 2015


Remember how we told you geeks that gothified Hot Topic was scooping up our beloved ThinkGeek? Also remember how plenty of peeps were bummed? Well now you can either be really happy or really, really bummed as gaming giant Gamestop has run in at the last-minute to save the possible day!

Why the change-up? It comes down to money, Gamestop offered more than Hot Topic. ThinkGeek will have to pay HT a termination fee but Gamestop is also paying that to ThinkGeek so no big loss.

What does this mean for the future? Well the two companies will probably stay separate but Gamestop might have more cool geek gear to offer in store and online. Plus it could mean a significant bump up in the old Power Up Rewards catalog (fingers so so crossed).

What do you geeks think? Is this a better deal or are you so burnt out with Gamestop that you could care less? Is there a better solution for ThinkGeek and GeekNet? Sound off in them comments!

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