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Game of Thrones Season 6: A few theories so far

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 13, 2016


Spoilers ahead, so do not read on if you have not watched the first three episodes of season six. The latest season of Game of Thrones is now well under way and there have already been some massive developments that have pushed a number of story arcs forward. Episode three has given viewers a lot of food for thought as to what may come next.

It is harrowing for fans of the series to wait a whole week between episodes, but there are other Westeros themed ways to pass the time. Speculating over what may happen is of course one way, and there are GoT games that super fans can play too. A lot of online casinos now have a Game of Thrones slot machine, which even includes a bonus game that allows players to travel to different locations in Westeros on the flip of a Braavosi coin. It also plays the epic theme music while you spin the reels.


Kit Harington, Jon Snow GoT

The biggest talking point of the latest episode was the scene in which Bran was shown a vision of a young Eddard Stark and his men battling two knights of the Kingsguard outside a tower in the middle of nowhere. Book readers suspect that this is the Tower of Joy, the place where Lyanna Stark was dying when Eddard found her. The famous theory is that Lyanna Stark is actually Jon Snow’s mother, which could have serious implications for what comes next. Viewers will have to wait and see about that though.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this scene was the fact that Bran’s father seemed to hear him shout. Could Bran be about to interfere with events of the past in other visions and affect the future? What do you think? Do you have some awesome ideas of what is going to happen? Add them to the comments and let’s see if we can put it all together.

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