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Games Done Quick Organizes Weekend Speedrunning Charity Event for Hurricane Harvey Relief

written by Jason Marcano September 1, 2017
Games Done Quick Harvey relief banner

For the uninitiated, Games Done Quick is a (normally) biannual event in which speedrunners from all corners of the world unite and play video games quickly for a cause. In the summer (SGDQ) they play for donations that go to Doctors Without Borders. Later in the year, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) fights back against cancer. The GDQ community is full of camaraderie, friendly rivalries, and some of the best game players in the world. Every event raises more awareness and money than the last, and they show no signs of slowing down.

On August 29th, a poll was posted to the GDQ twitter account simply asking if people would participate in a GDQ event for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

Less than 24 hours later, in true speedrunner fashion, the call had been answered. More than 350 people submitted runs for the event. The event, called Harvey Relief Done Quick (HRDQ), can be viewed on twitch here. It is scheduled to start tonight, Friday September 1st, at 8PM EDT and run through the weekend ending at 8PM EDT on September 3rd. You can see the list of games to be played here which includes gems like Super Metroid, and even an all dungeons run of Breath of the Wild.

All donations from HRDQ will go to the Houston Food Bank, and if watching guys and gals tear through games at record pace isn’t your bag, feel free to follow this link to help the people displaced and affected by Harvey. You can also snag some gear from¬†Yetee or Fan Gamer¬†with all proceeds going to the Houston Food Bank. This event, like all GDQ events, has been organized by Matt Merkle, and I can’t thank him enough. It’s uplifting to see America come together in times like these, and even better to know that our fellow gamers have our backs.

I live in Texas, just a short ways away from the path Harvey took into our state. Fortunately for my county, Harvey turned away and went back into the ocean after dumping many inches of water on us. It was supposed to be worse, but it ended for my town. But Houston, they are still being rocked by record floods and tragedy. The damage caused by Harvey will continue to be felt long after the waters have receded. This event, and others like it across the country, will go a long way for the people of South Texas.

I hope all you southern geeks are safe and well, as for the rest of you, thanks for being there.

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