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GameStop introducing a new way to play used games

written by Alex Lopez November 12, 2017

If you have ever walked into a GameStop before, you notice the used games section tends to be bigger. Those used games can cause problems for the game retailer. If those units don’t move, they don’t make money. However, it appears that GameStop may have found a way to make money from abundance of used games.


GameStop will introduce a new service called PowerPass. If you are a PowerUp Rewards member, you can participate in the new program. For $60, you can rent as many used games as you want for six months. After the six months ends, you have the option to keep the last game you took out. If you are someone who plays through games quickly, you could end up playing a lot of games in six months. The offer includes both old titles and new. If it’s used, it’s game. And all of this for the price of a brand new title! The new service will begin registration on November 19th.

It is a lot harder these days to rent video games. Until recently, video stores were everywhere. You just had to go to the closest store and pick up whatever game you wanted to play. Now, those stores hardly exist. Even with services like GameFly, you still wait for the game to be shipped to you. With this new program, all you need to do is walk down to your nearest GameStop and pick up the game you want.

The PowerPass program is the newest way for GameStop to continue to operate their brick-and-mortar stores. More and more players are choosing digital over physical copies of games. Even Take Two stated that 20 to 30 percent of their sales come from digital. While digital is easier for gamers and developers alike, it doesn’t help stores like GameStop. IF this program does well, maybe more game retailers will follow suit. Although innovative, gamers might not take to this new program. Only time will tell how well this works. Until numbers come out, we will all keep an eye on how this develops.

Sounds off, geeks! What are you thoughts on this new program?


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